Can You Use Your IRA To Buy Notes?

There are many ways to invest in notes, but one great way to really boost your retirement savings account is investing in notes within your IRA or 401K. The returns you make while investing in notes can be added tax free or tax deferred, depending on the type of account you have.


A lot of investors like Self Directed IRA’s (commonly called checkbook IRA’s). This type of IRA gives you the ability to direct where you want your investments to go via your custodian. There some prohibited transactions for disqualified persons that cannot be conducted inside your retirement account so be sure to consult with an experienced IRA professional. Many entities use IRA’s to purchase notes or lend funds to others to buy notes using their IRA.


There are prohibited transactions and disqualified persons to look out for when conducting transactions in these accounts. These transactions have serious financial and taxable distribution implications. According to the IRS, disqualified persons are you, your spouse, your children (including grandchildren), any entity where you or a disqualified person owns more than 50%, etc. (see IRS.Gov for more) Prohibited transactions are also defined by the IRS as things your IRA account can’t hold like collectibles, life insurance or S Corporations.


When a note is purchased using your IRA or you lend money on a note to an investor from your IRA, it is secured by the property. The deed or mortgage is usually filed and recorded with the county’s office where the property is located.


Be sure to have a third party servicing the note to prevent any prohibited transactions. The IRS does not want you or other disqualified persons benefiting from any actions within the IRA. As always, be sure to consult your real estate attorney and/or IRA professional for the best way to use these methods.


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